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We are a traditional, Bible-believing church, committed to upholding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our services are a time to worship God through music, be encouraged by testimonies of God working in lives today, and hear practical, relevant, Bible-based sermons. We hope you can visit us at one of hundreds of locations around the world.


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The cover article, "We Can All Live There!" reviews the Apostle John's description of the home awaiting us in Heaven. Other topics in this edition include a recounting of the Latter Rain Gospel that began at the Azusa Revival 115 year ago, the testimony of how God reached a young Filipino man who had turned his back on his faith, and more. We pray it will be a blessing to you! Click here to read it.


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Today's devotional gives practical ways to apply God's Word to your life. The Sunday School page has all the lessons for the upcoming week. The World Report shares news from our churches around the globe. Find even more online resources in the Library.

Apostolic Faith Magazine. Learn more 

  • Quench Not the Spirit

    By Boniface Banda

    Three ways we can keep the fire of God’s love alive in our hearts.

    In 1 Thessalonians 5:19 we read the instruction, “Quench not the Spirit.” The word quench means to extinguish or put out a fire by using water or some other means. If something has been...

  • From Despair to Hope in Christ

    One night when my father arrived home from a church meeting, he told my mother of his faith in Jesus, prayed for me, and got rid of all of my medications and every graven image in our house. God honored the faith of my father that day, and I was totally healed.

    Fernan Fiegalan

    Through God’s steadfast love, one day He made me realize that I was not only wasting my own life but also the life of my beloved wife.

    Fernan Fiegalan

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The media center gives you access to the live webcast and video archive of the services held at our headquarters church in Portland, Oregon. The podcast library includes playlists with sermons from recent meetings, special events, and some favorites from the past.